Sometimes the scrolling locks up on the screen...

We are still working on this. It seems unfortunately that the safari in the iPhone browser has some troubles with timer events that we need to to make the scrolling work. The good news is that you can "jump start" the scrolling by just tapping the screen.

I've entered my encryption key but keep getting "Wrong Password" messages

Be especially careful entering your passwords. We know that the iPhones keyboard can take some getting used to. As such when you first enter your password for a category be very careful. Unfortunately if you get it wrong there isn't much we can do because afterall it *is* encrypted with very strong encryption. Our best advice is to try variants of your password where you think you would have made a typing mistake.

I've forgotten my Encryption Key Password

Remember how we told you to *not* forget it! Seriously there isn't much we can do. Re-enter you passwords and try to be more careful.

I've forgotten my Login Password

We are going to have an interface for resetting login passwords in the next couple days. If you can't wait that long send a support request.

How many passwords can I have on the free version?

You can have 8 passwords and unlimited categories on the free version of jkPassword. We've made our subscriptions very cheap less than a dollar a month. We need to keep the servers running and our need for new Apple gear appeased... ;-)

Will there be a regular desktop version? I want to enter my passwords on my desktop and then see them on the iPhone...

We hear you! We're working on it right now. Hopefully in the next couple weeks...

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